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Our aim is simple. To create a brighter, cleaner and smarter future.

Our Solutions

We offer a range of services from consultancy through to product and technology supply with optional install and full turnkey management solutions. Funding solutions are available and of course a comprehensive after sales service.

energy ecobuild enviro
Power, Lighting & Energy Smart, Green Technologies Water, Waste & Recycle
LED Lighting & Controls Building Control Systems Tanks & Storage
Sports Lighting Water & Space Heating Biological & Filtration
Renewable Energy Off Grid & Battery Storage Pumps & Pipelines
Energy Savings Ventilation & Cooling Reedbeds & Wetlands

Award Winning Project Delivery

National supply and delivery frameworks with leading UK and global companies is testament to the value and service we offer, which is confirmed by numerous prestigious sustainability and engineering awards.

Projects range from a few thousand pounds to one framework contract delivering £9 million of retrofit LED lighting in UK shopping centres over the past 6 years, with a financial payback achieved in just over 2 years – That’s Bright!

Our Service

The Orel e3 team brings years of expertise delivering products, technologies and projects for industry, commerce and home owners.

Regardless of the type of business or Orel e3 solution you require, we apply the same insights and planning to each project through our “D3 Service Process” that stands for: Define + Design + Deliver.


Feasibility & Value Engineer Options, Scope & Contract


Detail, Specify and Document Plan for Operation and Safety


Products, Techs & Install
Right First Time, on Time

Today, all local government, business sectors and homes are aware of and focused on lowering utility bills,
becoming more self-sufficient and hence saving carbon to help our planet.

Our energy division specialises in commercial and sports lighting, renewable energy solutions and various energy saving technologies.

Commercial Lighting & Controls

With more than 150,000 LED lights supplied and installed in the UK we can truly say we are one of the UK’s leading providers of this now proven and accepted technology.

Our in-house and select partner LED lighting products are integrated with advanced controls and daylight harvesting to provide real time remote data management and reporting capability to lower your bills and save maintenance.

This also includes the all-important and often overlooked emergency lighting and emergency exit signage – so landlords and tenants have the peace of mind their buildings, occupants, the general public and the business owners and responsible directors are protected.

We have a range of solar powered luminaires for streets, car parks, walkways, homes and for sports facilities.

Sports Lighting, Lights4Sport

Our solutions can be found across European sporting facilities for professional, community and private clubs; educational establishments and local authorities.

Indoors, artificial lighting, sometimes supplemented by daylight, is designed to enhance performance and for most facilities to provide appropriate lighting levels combined with the minimum glare for a range of sports and activities.

Outdoor sports facility require LED lighting primarily for performance and safety. LED lighting provides the high-quality light and uniformity required by cameras with matches increasingly filmed for training purposes and broadcast on the internet or tv.

Renewables & Energy Saving

Solar PV, wind and waste to energy bolted onto existing facilities or designed into new builds can help companies meet environmental targets; satisfy planning regulations and of course provide Cash & Carbon Savings®.

We can also offer technologies such as voltage optimisation, variable speed drives on motors and undertake energy audits.


4.7 million UK homes are off mains gas and use electric, wood or oil for hot water and heating. 1.7 million homes and many offices use inefficient night storage heaters. The UK is considering no more mains gas for new homes, so electricity will used for heating space (rooms) and water.

Our ecobuild division helps commercial and residential building owners, developers and tenants to a brighter, cleaner and smarter future. Our products and technologies can combine with our renewable energy solutions to provide full off grid solutions.

Qbus Building Controls

Our sister company Qbus, based in Belgium, develops hardware and software that makes the electrical installation of residential and commercial buildings smart, thereby offering peace of mind, comfort and energy saving.

Their Ubie® platform interconnects IoT devices, including Qbus and KNX, so you just plug and play to build your network enabling a flow of information to your mobile phone. Check your security; set your heating; switch your lighting or close your blinds whilst you are on the move, anywhere in the world.

Water & Space Heating

Gas for years in the UK has been the fuel of choice, but this is running out. Our stand-alone water and space heating solutions can be integrated to achieve the desired building control emissions and carbon saving targets.

Far infrared heaters mimic the sun with all the beneficial health aspects but without the damaging rays.

Solar thermodynamic water heating systems use heat from the outside air to provide the luxury of hot water 25/7 and can even run wet central heating systems. Amazingly hot water is provided even if the outside is below zero – basically it’s a fridge in reverse.

Ventilation & Cooling

Various products and technologies are available to remove damp from buildings, to keep them ventilated and a range of insulative paints and films to keep the heat in and utility bills down.


The purchase of water and the pumping, treatment and disposal of liquid and sludges can have a high Opex costs and carbon footprint.  It’s also increasingly regulated by the Environment Agency, the water companies and numerous other organisations.

Our enviro division provides turnkey solutions for the collection, storage, treatment and re-use of effluents, leachate, liquors, wastewater and contaminated waters.  These save opex costs, reduce factory downtime, save carbon and help ensure compliance.

Tanks & Storage

We incorporate tanks and vessels into our turnkey projects, but we can also provide a stand-alone tank supply, installation and maintenance service. Materials of construction include HDPE, steel, in-situ and precast concrete.

Treatment & Reuse Solutions

Our portfolio of products and technologies can treat most organic, nutrient, metal and hazardous substances that contaminate water whether from waste, an industrial process, the production of food and beverages, agriculture, from humans or simply surface water run-off.

Now, high COD effluents can be treated anaerobically producing methane gas for Combined Heat & Power Plants or solely for electricity production – so waste becomes a resource.

Pumps & Pipelines

We provide both pumped pressure systems and vacuum for wastewater and effluent collection with a full mechanical and electrical design and installation service.