Products that Deliver

Orel e3 and their global partners are leaders in the design and product development in a range of solutions that are proven to reduce your energy bills, maintenance costs and to help save carbon.

We are constantly finding new ways to create brighter, cleaner and smarter futures for all.

Our BRIGHT® range of class leading indoor and external LED luminaires combine high quality LED chips with leading brand drivers, sensors and advanced control systems.

The luminaires include but are not limited to:

  • Dust proof and waterproof luminaires
  • Highbay and lowbay
  • Downlight and spotlights
  • Flood and street lights
  • Flat panel variants
  • Indoor surface mount
  • Architectural aluminium profiles
  • Maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting
  • Emergency exit signs

Our iBRIGHT® advanced controls provide finger tip control, monitoring and emergency lighting management and reporting. iBRIGHT® includes:

  • Dimmable and DALI
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Central driver and PoE solutions

Our European manufactured LICHT2 floodlights provide guaranteed performance for new build pitch and lighting retrofits.

They have special optical designs for optimum light distribution, low glare and minimal light pollution to the surrounding neighbourhood to assist with planning.

The all-important LED drivers (electronics) are installed at the column base for ease of maintenance access and to significantly reduce the luminaire weight and wind loading – this ensures we can retrofit any existing luminaire without adding load to the existing column.

Each lighting column is inter-connected via low powered wireless and then through a GSM modem, so all the data is captured by our Cloud based control, monitoring and reporting platform.

This control capability enables:

  • Time controls with auto dimming with daylight sensors
  • Scene setting to include half pitch, specific light levels for training and matches
  • Reporting of electricity use, lighting status and proactive management – we tell you when there might be a luminaire issue coming up or there is a fault
  • “Pay as you play” – e.g. tennis court lighting can be switched on after an on-line payment is made or to assist with charging between different organisations using the facilities

Indoor Sports Lights

Luminaires are selected to meet the required lighting levels but also need to consider the issue of glare, accessibility for future maintenance and safeguarding against damage from impact by a cricket ball for example. The ceiling, wall and floor design all have an integral impact on the lighting.

The flexibility of wireless or powerline-controlled solutions means that scenes can be set for specific sports to try and ensure the optimum lighting solution for each activity.

Qbus – Smarter, more efficient building control technologies

Qbus modules take the form of one single and easily integrated system rather than separate control solutions. All the various technologies within the home or building are seamlessly connected by a 2-wire bus cable. Communication between all these technologies is controlled via a smart central Qbus Controller.

This provides finger-tip control and in addition to standard actions such as gate and door controls, it enables you to improve energy-efficiency in several ways:

  • The All Off button prevents any unnecessary lighting or heating/cooling
  • Smart switches with integrated temperature sensors allow multi-zonal heating: more comfort and less energy
  • Window open = heating/cooling off
  • CO2 based ventilation = optimum air quality without any wasted energy
  • Detectors provide the right temperature and the correct lighting level only when someone is present
  • Screens are automatically closed to prevent overheating caused by sunlight